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Long’s Excavation & Construction, Inc. is a premium center for construction, excavation, landscaping, gas oil line distribution, septic system installation, concrete work, utilities, demolition & more! We provide residential and commercial clients with a wide array of services that are nothing short of Incredible!

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About Us

Long’s Excavation & Construction, Inc. was established in 1987. It is owned and operated by Kyle D. Long, who has been in the excavation and construction business since 1975; working on projects including oil and gas pipeline, uranium and coal mining, electrical, environmental, and all aspects of residential work. The company began with a John Deere 755 tractor with a backhoe attachment. The company specializes in complex excavation jobs, both residential and commercial, using compact mini-excavators along with larger excavators. This equipment can enter areas that traditionally have been done by hand. There is minimal disruption of the surrounding site requiring unnecessary repair at the end of the job. Underground, horizontal boring is often an option when replacing water lines, sewer lines or electrical conduit, thus saving landscaping, concrete driveways, road and sidewalks, which in traditional excavation work, would have been destroyed. Long’s Excavation & Construction takes pride in leaving the site as it was found or even better.

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Our Services Include

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If you are looking for an effective construction contractor nearby, then look no further! Long’s has an extensive history of providing on-time and on-budget construction & remodeling projects. We provide construction solutions with precision technology, matchless durability, & world class finishing to both residential and commercial clients.


Pipelining & Excavation

Whether it is underground boring, pipeline fieldwork or pipeline/gas line distribution, we provide exact pipelining and excavation services. Rely on our experts for excavation services, we are equipped to handle all types of small and large projects!

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Our 35 years of providing renowned landscaping services to our community speaks for itself. We provide both residential and commercial landscaping at reasonable prices. We provide for all of your outdoor landscaping needs including leveling, terracing, decorative rock, concrete borders and correcting drainage issues. 

Our Commitment to Excellence Comes First!

Long’s Excavation & Construction takes pride in the entire excavation and construction process – from the beginning of the job to the end. Shortcuts are not an option. This is evident in the number of times they’ve been called back to a job — ZERO. Kyle (Owner), himself, looks over each and every job. Safety is also an important factor. Long’s Excavation & Construction has received certification by OSHA. Proper excavation guidelines are continually adhered to and they can proudly boast no accidents reported to OSHA.

Kyle’s construction experience works hand in hand with the excavation. Looking ahead and knowing what it takes to achieve the end result creates a smooth transition from the ground breaking to the final completed project. Kyle works closely with the site superintendent or homeowner each step of the way.

Kyle started off with humble beginnings, working with a crew up in Alaska. While manning various pieces of equipment, he gained the experience that set him on a path to start his own business. When he first started off, he began excavating with a John Deere tractor. As the jobs grew, so did his equipment. From backhoes to excavators and everything in between, we have the right piece of equipment to handle whatever job you are needing completed.

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